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Neem Oil


Neem oil is a major non-wood products of Neem. The oil is greenish yellow to brown in colour and the oil is cold extracted by crushing the Kernels. It is observed that 2-5 months old seed gives maximum oil. This oil is easily soluble in ether, chloroform, carbon bi sulphide and alcohol.

The Neem Excel® is obtained from the pure, Aspergillus fungus free neem seed Kernal. It is a azadirachtin based versatile pesticide and easily biodegradable, leaving no toxic residue and keep the environment clean and safe. The azadirachtin together with other limonoids such as salanin nimbin nimbidin and meliantriol present in neem seeds has proven to be very effective against more than 300 insect species. The oil acts as antifeedent, repellent, insect growth regulator and having toxic effect on the insects. This oil is safe to beneficial insects, viz- honey bees, silkworm, lac insects, spiders, parasites and predators.

It is an integrated pest management component in conjunction with chemical pesticides and other components.

Neem Excel® is the proprietary product of Sri Ram solvent extraction Pvt. Ltd. Jaspur. It is isolated from Neem Kernel using state of the art technology. the Neem Excel® is diluted in water along with a natural emulsifier i.e. soap nut powder ( Or any suitable emulsifier ) which makes uniform milky suspension and proved to be efficacious than any other artificially formulated product from Neem Oil having even higher Aza concentration.

The pure Neem Excel® apart from vast natural pesticidal properties being used in medicinal, cosmetics, veterinary, sanitation, Mosquito control. 

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