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Neem Cake: ‘Neem Plus ®’


The residue left after the oil has been removed is named as Neem cake and this varies widely in composition. However, the broad ranges in composition are –

Crude protein :  13.50%    Fat :  2.13% 
Carbohydrate:  26.50%    Ash:  5.18% 
Crude fiber :  8.50%    Acid insoluble ash:  .17%  

This so called neem cake has considerable local potential. It has unique promise as fertilizer. It contains more Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Calcium and Magnesium than farm yard manure or sewage sludge. It is widely used in India as bio-fertilizers of cash crops such as Sugarcane and vegetables, when it is mixed in soil it protect plant roots from nematodes and white ants, probably due to its content of the residual limonoids. This cake make the soil more fertile than any other fertilizers. This is due to blockage of soil bacteria from converting nitrogenous compounds into nitrogen gas.

Neem Plus is the main by product of neem seeds. It contains 1.70-1.30 percent Sulphur. This is one of the very useful fertilizer for our crop. This is both organic nitrogen, manure and nitrification inhibitor. The average nutrient contents of neem cake are 5.2% nitrogen, 1.0 percent P2O5 (Phosphorus) and 1.4 percent K2O (Potassium). It has been experimented that neem cake when mixed with urea retards the nitrification rate for about two weeks. Thus more nitrogen is available as ammonium for longer period. Ketkar (1967) studied the effect and economics of using neem cake with one or more than one fertilizer like Urea, Super phosphate etc. He found 25-50% saving of Urea nitrogen couple with improved yields.

The Neem cake contains Salanin, nimbin, azadirachtine and azadiradione as the major components. The azadirachitine repels the insects, inhibit feeding and affect their hormonal imblance.

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