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Growth Nutrients  

Neemozyme : 

Neemozyme is an eco-friendly organic nutrient liquid formulation containing natural hydrolyzed proteins of vegetable origin, which provides excellent plant nutrition & growth promotion for cereals, pulses, cotton, vegetables and fruit crops. It improves crop yields & quality through balanced nutrition, availability of amino acids, enzymes & micronutrients, optimum metabolite formation, better retention of flowers, enhancement of the size, color, flavour of the produce. It also enhances the tolerance of plants to biotic & abiotic stresses. 

Crops : All crops

Method of Use : 250 ml Neemozyme is mixed in 100-150 Ltr.of water and sprayed on one acre crop. 

Neemozyme Granules :

Neemozyme granules is an eco-friendly organic nutrient granular formulation containing natural hydrolyzed proteins of vegetable origin, which provides excellent plant nutrition & growth promotion for oilseeds, cereals,pulses, cotton, Vegetables, fruit crops, plantation, crops etc. Neemozyme granules provide the plants balanced nutrition and growth enhancing activity. It improves crop yield & quality through balanced nutrition, availability of amino acids enzymes & micronutrients, optimum metabolite formation, resulting in better germination of seeds & setts, strong & extensive foot system. 

Crops : All crops  

Method of use : Broadcast 8 kg.  Neemozyme Granules in 1 acre field and mix through ploughing.

Jas Hume (Humic acid) :

Organic Natural Plant Food & Root Growth Promoter
Jas Hume is a plant bio-stimulant that promoters plant growth by promoting hormonal activity in plants. It also promotes antioxidant production in plants, which in turn, reduces “harmful free redicals”.

  • An effective soil enhancer
  • A plant growth bio-stimulant
  • A chelating agent and a disease suppressant
  • High in both humic and fulvic acides, auxins, minerals, vitamins etc


Compost Culture – Jas M9

Composting is one of the oldest solid waste treatments known to man. It can be used for recycling of organic matter that can be composted to yield high quality nutrients to crops and avoid pollution. Composting is a step-wise extensive degradation of organic matter by different microbes in a warm and moist environment. Normally the natural decomposition of agricultural residues takes more than 6 months. However, if efficient and specific group of microorganisms added and proper conditions are maintained the decomposition can be accomplished 45-90 days depending upon the nature of substrate. Jas M9 is a consortium of compost accelerating bacteria and fungi in required ratio.


Vermiwash is a very plant tonic which can be used for foliar spray. Vermiwash is a watery extract of compost, the wash of earthworms present in the medium. Earthworm body is long tubular type. Measure portion of this body is filled up with this Celomic fluid. Celomic fluid is always secreted from the body of earthworms and always keeps the body of wet. Celomic fluid of earthworms and this is called vermiwash. This Celomic fluid helps earthworm in respiration. Atmospheric Oxygen while it passes through this fluid is purified with the help of fluid and finally absorbed in the body of the earthworms. Celomicites, Granulocites and Limphoidocites cells are present in the Celomic fluid. This helps in healing of wounds of earthworms and gives imitation power to earthworms. No pathogens can survive in this fluid, thereby protecting earthworms from the diseases caused due to pathogens. Soluble Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash are the main nutrients in vermiwash. Hormones such as Cytokinins, Oxyn etc., Amino Acid, Vitamins, Enzymes, some other secretions and many useful microbes such as heterotrophic bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes including nitrogen fixers, phosphate solubilisers are present in the vermiwash. The earthworm vermiwash is rich in dissolved nutrients. Amino Acids in the vermiwash are easily available for plants.

Vermiwash is diluted with water (10%) and sprayed on plants to function as an effecting foliar spray and pesticide. Hormones, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and other secretions are directly absorbed by plant leaves. Other nutrients and soluble substances absorbed by roots also.

Chemical composition of vermiwash

pH6.5-7.5Sodium 122±10 PPM
Dissolved Oxygen 1.14 PPM Salts 70±5 PPM
Dissolved Nitrogen 200±10 PPM Chlorides 110±10 PPM
Total Phosphorous 60±5 PPM Sulphates 177±10 PPM
Total Potassium69±5 PPM Calcium 175±10 PPM

Recommendations:Recommended for all crops.