Shri Ram
Solvent Extractions
Pvt. Ltd.


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Company Profile

Shri Ram Solvent Extractions Pvt. Ltd. is a Private Ltd. Company run by professionals such as Mr. Sharat Goel (Management Graduate, MBA) and Mr. Sanjay Goel (MBA). The company has a present turnover of $ 3 Million. We have our own state-of-the-art facility of production chain spread over 15,000 sqm. area located in the sacred hills of Uttaranchal, India. We have been exclusively processing Neem Kernel since last 10 years thereby having our own quality raw material required for manufacturing each and every value added product of Neem. In India, we are the second largest processors of Neem Kernel.


bio control lab

Highlights of the company

  1. An ISO 9001-2000 company
  2. Highest Processor of Neem Seed in India.
  3. First Bio Technology Company having mass production facility of Bio-pesticide & Bio-Fertilizer.
  4. Four registered trade marks of Neem Products.
  5. Exporter of Neem Cake & Neem Oil to Japan and South Africa.


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Manufacturere of the following Bio-Pesticide and Bio Fertilizer


  1. Trichoderma
  2. Pseudomonas
  3. Beauveria bassiana
  4. Verticillium lecani
  5. Metarhizium spp.
  6. Neem Products


  1. Azotobacter
  2. Azospirillum
  3. Rhizobium
  4. Acetobacter
  5. Phosphate-solubiliser bacteria (PSB)
  6. Neem Bio-fertilizer

Name of the Neem products

  1. Neem Plus ® - Neem Cake, (Granular, Pallet, Power), Pack Size–20 Kg. or more
  2. Neem Excel ®- Neem Oil Pack Size 500 ml. to 200 lts. Barrel
  3. Neem Excel ® - Neem Oil EC Pack Size 500 ml. to 200 lts. Barrel
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